Opti-Gard™ SoLo (DSC-OPS) Technically Advanced Low Pressure Rupture Disc

Opti-Gard™ SoLo (DSC-OPS) Technically Advanced Low Pressure Rupture Disc

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Opti-Gard SoLo Reverse Acting Disc

Most technically advanced low pressure rupture disc design

Opti-Gard™ SoLo is a unique reverse acting rupture disc solution to suit a wide range of low pressure customer applications and demanding process conditions. The patented construction of the Opti-Gard SoLo (OPS) rupture disc acts as a single rupture disc solution across an extensive range of sizes and process conditions.

Industry best 3% tolerance on low pressure rupture disc

Peripherally scored on the vent-side for accurate burst control Opti-Gard SoLo benefits from a unique 3% tolerance with a 95% operating to burst pressure ratio. Its innovative design combines a patented geometric shape with state-of-the-art manufacturing process allowing it to be one of the lowest reverse acting rupture discs on the market.

Tested to over 1 million life cycles

Opti-Gard SoLo is a solid metal bursting disc with smooth surface finish, and non-fragmenting design. Available in Stainless Steel or Hastelloy as standard, as well as other exotic materials like Tantalum, Monel and Inconel upon request. Elfab can manufacture the Opti-Gard SoLo range to be used in the harshest of operating conditions while offering reliable burst performance in even the lowest of burst pressure applications, offering reliable opening from as low as 2Psig. Opti-Gard SoLo is available with an additional non-opening vacuum support when vacuum conditions are present.

Cutting costs on rewiring

Opti-Gard SoLo is installed into Elfab’s reverse-acting, raised face rupture disc holder and fitted with a magnet as standard to allow for use of Elfab’s unique, reusable, non-invasive burst detection system Flo-Tel™+.


As the only ATEX, IECEx or XD approved detection system on the market, Flo-Tel has been offering significant cost savings to customers for almost 20 years. Elfab’s rupture disc holders are available in a wide range of materials and can be manufactured to fit a multitude of industry standard flange specifications to ensure accurate performance of Elfab’s bursting disc designs.

Combining innovative designs with advanced quality performance

Elfab pride themselves in offering the highest level of quality and are accredited to a number of leading industry standards. Elfab’s rupture discs can be manufactured to ISO 4126 or ASME VIII dependent on customers’ requirements. To achieve the extremely low burst pressure capability on a reverse acting disk Elfab combine innovative design with a patented geometric shape within state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. When used in combination Elfab’s rupture discs and detection systems can offer industry leading SIL ratings to offer customers increased safety information. Please contact our technically trained sales engineers for more information.

  • Industry leading 3% tolerance, up to 95% operating ratio
  • Manufactured to ISO4126 or ASME VIII
  • Available in a wide range of materials
  • Tested to over a million life cycles
  • Non-fragmenting bursting disc design
  • Full vacuum capability with non-opening vacuum support
  • Suitable for liquid, gas and vapour applications
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Compatible with reusable detection systems Flo-Tel™ and Flo-Tel™ XD


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Size Range 25mm to 150mm (1” to 6”)
Burst Pressure Range 2 Psig to 60 Psig (0.14 barg to 4.14 barg)
Temperature Range See product downloads
Maximum Operating Ratio 95% of minimum burst pressure (92% of nominal burst pressure)
Fragmentation on Burst None fragmenting design
Relief Valve Isolation Excellent
Vacuum Service Full Vacuum
Fluid Compatibility Liquid, Gas or Vapour
KR Values 0.8
Torque Sensitive No
Cycle Life* Tested to over 1 million pressure vacuum cycles*
Material Range Hastelloy as standard. Others available
Reversal Ratio N/A with offset tag + system-loc
Damage Ratio Fail Safe
Leak Tightness Excellent
Performance Tolerance +/- 3% (zero manufacturing design range)
Protective Linings N/A
Disc Surface Finish N/A

(* from full vacuum to 95% of the minimum burst pressure)

These are just a few example applications from the Oil and Gas sector.

Contact us to find out how Opti-Gard SoLo can be used in your application.