Opti-Gard™ Ferrule (DSC-OPF)

Opti-Gard™ Ferrule (DSC-OPF)

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Ferrule Opti-Gard rupture disc for aseptic and hygienic applications

Most technically advanced solution for aseptic and hygienic applications

Ferrule Opti-Gard™ is an advanced reverse acting rupture disc, peripherally scored for accurate burst control. It has been designed with a smooth, uninterrupted surface finish to meet FDA approvals. Designed for installation between ferrules, tri-clamps and NA-connect®. Opti-Gard Ferrule is unique in being the only hygienic disc in the industry compatible with Elfab’s non-invasive, ATEX-approved detection system Flo-Tel™. Combining technically advanced rupture disc capability with reusable burst detection makes Ferrule Opti-Gard an obvious solution for many aseptic and hygienic applications.

Ferrule Opti-Gard™ offers a unique range of benefits

Ferrule Opti-Gard (OPF) provides the highest performance characteristics available on the market and is ideal for CIP/SIP service. With a 95% operating ratio and 3% tolerance, the bursting disc combines the most technically advanced solution in its field with ease and simplicity of installation. The design includes an integral Flo-Tel actuator as standard, offering customers across the globe the added benefit of non-invasive, reusable burst detection.

Highest life cycle capability for Hygienic Rupture Disc

Ferrule Opti-Gard is a non-fragmenting bursting disc design, tested to over 100,000 pressure-vacuum cycles and is suitable for liquid, gas or vapour applications.

Manufactured in Stainless Steel or Hastelloy as standard with an FDA certified seal making this bursting disc an excellent choice for a range of applications within the pharmaceutical, biotech and food industries.

Cutting costs on rewiring

The design of Ferrule Opti-Gard includes an integral Flo-Tel™+ actuator as standard, offering the added benefit of non-invasive, ATEX approved detection through the Flo-Tel™+ system. As the only ATEX, IECEx or XD approved detection system on the market, Flo-Tel has been offering significant cost savings on rewiring to customers for almost 20 years. To ensure correct performance of the Flo-Tel Elfab supply the Tri-clamp system with this product.

Leading the industry in advanced quality performance

Elfab pride themselves in offering the highest level of quality and are accredited to a number of leading industry standards. Elfab’s Opti-Gard Ferrule is suitable for installation in BS4825 and ASME – BPE 1997 standards.

• Suitable for use with tri-clamps / ferrules / NA-connect*
• Industry leading 3% tolerance
• Non-fragmenting design
• Full vacuum service
• Ideal for CIP and SIP applications
• Designed for use with Flo-Tel™+ detection

*NA-connect is a registered trademark of NovAseptic America Inc.


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Size Range 25mm to 100mm (1” to 4”)
Burst Pressure Range 0.9 barg to 20.7 barg (13 Psig to 300 Psig)
Maximum Operating Ratio 95% of minimum burst pressure (92% of nominal burst pressure)
Temperature Range See product downloads
Fragmentation on Burst None fragmenting design
Relief Valve Isolation Excellent
Vacuum Service Full vacuum
Fluid Compatibility Liquid, Gas or Vapour
KR Values N/A
Torque Sensitive N/A
Cycle Life Tested to over 100,000 pressure-vacuum cycles
Material Range Stainless Steel as standard. Others available
Reversal Ratio Arrow on offset tag
Damage Ratio <1 Fail Safe
Leak tightness Excellent
Performance Tolarance +/-3% (zero manufacturing design range)
Protective Linings N/A
Disc Surface Finish N/A