Oseco Safety Cartridge™

Oseco Safety Cartridge™

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Oseco Safety Cartridge

A one-piece unit combining disc and

holder for worry-free installation

The Oseco Safety Cartridge™ combines the traditional three components of a rupture disc system into one hermetically sealed component.

It provides worry-free installation for your critical applications, while eliminating maintenance complexities, expenses and time requirements.

The Oseco Safety Cartridge™ system guarantees leak protection by completely removing the need to seal your rupture disc within a holder. These high performance, one-piece units come leak tight from the factory and install in seconds. No other rupture disc solution is as effective or easy to install.

The Oseco Safety Cartridge™ is manufactured at Oseco’s manufacturing facility in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA.




Key features

  • Hermetically sealed component combining disc and holder in one
  • Leak checked to 1×10-8 cc-atm/sec using helium
  • Non-torque sensitive
  • Available for gas and liquid service
  • Non-fragmenting design
  • Withstands full vacuum
  • High cycle rupture disc, tested to 1 million cycles
  • Standard height matches commonly used insert-style holders
  • Standard materials of construction: 316 Series Stainless Steel, Inconel® 600, Monel®, and Carbon Steel


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