Posi-Gard / Vac-Gard

Posi-Gard / Vac-Gard

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Vac-Gard / Posi-Gard Ultra low reverse acting disc

Low pressure rupture discs with 5-pin DIN connection and integral burst detection

This range of composite, low pressure reverse acting rupture discs are manufactured with integral burst detection. They feature a 5-pin DIN connection and are suitable for applications operating at low pressures.

Posi-Gard can withstand full vacuum, while Vac-Gard withstands up to 1 barg of back pressure. For ultra low pressures, have a look at our Milli-Gard rupture disc.

Both Posi-Gard and Vac-Gard offer non-fragmenting opening. Due to their modular content, we can offer them with bespoke designs for a broad range of non-standard specifications and applications.

Key features

  • Suitable for low pressures
  • Suitable for gas or vapour applications
  • 5-pin DIN connection
  • Built-in junction box
  • Operating ratio up to 60%


Technical downloads (DSC PGD/VGD)

Technical information
Installation guide


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