Safety Relief Valve Isolation

Safety Relief Valve Isolation

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Protect your investment with rupture disc and safety relief valve combination

Rupture discs are commonly used in combination with pressure relief valves (PRVs) and even though rupture discs can be used on their own, the benefits of using both are making this solution a popular choice in the process industries. This combination can help to reduce long-term costs, improve maintenance schedules and support with emission control, increasing overall safety performance.

In addition, the valve life is extended with the use of a rupture disc and holder in situ.

Elfab specialise in providing a valve protection bursting disc assembly, “PRV-GARD” to meet a wide range of pressure and temperature capabilities aiding customers to achieve increased safety combined with overall cost savings.

PRV enhanced protection

By installing a rupture disc, it instantly extends the life of a safety relief valve. Dependent on the application, we can install the disc either in series or parallel. If installed in series, the rupture disc will isolate the contained media from the safety valve, allowing customers to benefit from cost savings in less exotic materials for the valve, dependent on the installation.

PRV-GARD combines a technically superior rupture disc with an increased face to face holder design to ensure that when a disc bursts, full opening is achieved without parts of the disc protruding the holder; important for applications where the rupture disc and PRV are in series.

Non-fragmenting, leak-tight design

In conjunction with a safety relief valve, rupture discs are highly suitable. Elfab supply a vast range of non-fragmenting bursting discs benefiting from industry-leading tolerances, high operating ratios, excellent life cycles and strong vacuum resistance making these discs highly recommendable for installation in series with a relief valve for low, medium and high burst pressure ranges.

This disc assembly is recommended for use with Elfab’s leading rupture disc ranges such as Opti-Gard™, Opti-Gard™ SoLo and Safe-Gard.

Extend operational life

A bursting disc provides superior PRV protection, hence its improved operational life. Discs provide extra corrosion prevention, suitable for the harshest of operating environments for use in various applications and industries. Where valve relief isolation is achieved, further benefits from reduced maintenance costs can be achieved as relief valves can be tested when a rupture disc is in place.

For a range of applications requiring additional valve protection, Elfab will work with you to achieve an efficient solution.

Environmentally suitable

Environmental concerns and the drive to reach zero emissions have changed the way many plants are run today, therefore by using rupture discs in combination with a safety relief valve, fugitive emissions will be radically reduced.

Using our rupture discs in combination, it can assure a high quality operation and support with SIL ratings. Furthermore, corrosion exposure and contamination build-up will be reduced.

ATEX-approved detection system supplied as standard

As a rupture disc needs replacing once burst, Elfab’s non-invasive burst detection system Flo-Tel™+ will notify instantaneously on burst, reducing overall downtime.

It is recommended to purchase spare rupture discs so that upon activation, a new disc can be installed immediately to prevent unnecessary and costly downtime.

Key benefits

– Operational life extended
– Increased safety performance
– Increased face to face holder
– Supports emission controls


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