Tank-Safe (DSC-TSF) (DSC-TSD)

Tank-Safe (DSC-TSF) (DSC-TSD)

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Tank-Safe rupture disc protection for tank containers

Reliable protection for Tank Containers

Tank-Safe is uniquely designed for use on intermodal tank containers to meet the requirements of the various international standards relating to transportation of dangerous goods. The holderless bursting disc is mounted directly below the relief valve and at the set pressure, the disc bursts and petals open to give full bore relief.

Rail car rupture disc of unique composite construction

The Tank-Safe rupture disc is of composite construction including three main components, a slotted top section, seal membrane and vacuum support. Available as either a flat or domed design (TSD/TSF), Tank-Safe is a reliable rupture disc solution for a wide range of customers. The disc does not require a holder and full bore relief is achievable on burst. The disc is available in a range of standard sizes, pressures and corrosion-resistant material to suit a wide range of customers’ applications.

Cost-effective solution for the transportation of dangerous goods

Tank-Safe is a cost-effective solution for use on intermodal tank containers. The rupture disc is available in standard sizes 50mm, 65mm and 80mm with a burst pressure range of 3.75barg to 4.4barg. Tank-Safe benefits from an operating ratio of 85% and 5% tolerance with zero manufacturing design range. As Tank-Safe is a holderless design it can also be used in a wider range of applications with alternative sizes and burst pressures available on request.

Both the Flat and Domed Tank-Safe rupture discs have the benefit of providing good cycle life resistance and excellent relief valve isolation. Dependent on the process temperature Elfab’s Tank-Safe rupture discs are supplied with a suitable gasket to allow for direct installation in-between standard flanges.

Non-fragmenting bursting disc design

Tank-Safe is specifically designed for Rail Car use intended to be non-fragmenting to comply with safety measures within arduous process conditions. Tank-Safe can withstand full vacuum, making it suitable for numerous applications.

Holderless solution availability

As an alternative to rail car use, Elfab also offer a holderless Tank-Safe design, made for specific markets where a rupture disc holder installation isn’t necessary, offering further cost savings.

Accredited quality performance

Elfab acquire a long list of accreditations, quality certificates and approvals. This is testament of the success within the pressure management industry for more than 75 years. Elfab’s rupture discs can be manufactured to ISO 4126 or ASME VIII dependent on customers’ requirements.

• Unique design for use on tank containers to meet international requirements for the transportation of dangerous goods
• Available in a range of standard sizes, pressures and corrosion-resistant materials
• No holder required
• Cost-effective solution
• Full bore relief
• 5% tolerance, up to 85% operating to burst pressure ratio
• Non-fragmenting design, suitable for relief valve isolation


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Size Range 50mm, 65mm and 80mm (2”, 2½” and 3”) (For other applications, 25-900mm)
Burst Pressure Range 3.75 barg to 4.4 barg (54.4 Psig to 63.8 Psig) For other applications, 0.07 barg to 3.5 barg (1 Psig to 50 Psig)
Temperature Range See product downloads
Maximum Operating Ratio 85% of minimum burst pressure (81% of nominal burst pressure)
Fragmentation on Burst None fragmenting design
Relief Valve Isolation Excellent
Vacuum Service Full Vacuum
Fluid Compatibility Liquid, Gas or Vapour
KR Values Not Available
Torque Sensitive No
Cycle Life Very Good
Material Range Stainless Steel as Standard. Others Available
Reversal Ratio Dependent on Back Pressure Support
Damage Ratio <1 (Fail Safe)
Leak Tightness Good
Performance Tolerance +/- 5% (zero manufacturing design range)
Protective Linings Not Available
Disc Surface Finish N/A