Two-way Arma-Gard

Two-way Arma-Gard

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Two-way Arma-Gard, for positive and negative pressure protection

A single disc that protects against both positive and negative pressures

We have engineered the Two-way Arma-Gard disc to prevent vessel damage from both unwanted vacuum and overpressure conditions.

Unlike standard rupture discs, this bursting disc acts in both directions and is designed to be installed directly between industry-standard flanges.

It requires no holder and is non-torque sensitive due to its stainless steel armoured ring. This disc provides excellent corrosion resistance and is suitable for very low burst pressure applications.

We supply the Two-way Arma-Gard with the Elfab Flo-Tel actuator as standard to allow for the use of our ATEX-approved, reusable and non-invasive burst detection system Flo-Tel.

Key features

  • 10% tolerance, up to 85% operating ratio
  • Manufactured to ISO4126 or ASME VIII
  • Fragmenting bursting disc design
  • Suitable for liquid, gas and vapour applications
  • Low pressure capability
  • Non-torque sensitive
  • Available with stainless steel spacer ring to help change from traditional graphite disc


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