Flame Arresters

Flame Arresters

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A Breakthrough in Flame Arrester Technology 

Elfab’s latest generation of Flame Arresters benefit from a breakthrough in flame arresting technology to eliminate problems associated with traditional solutions. Designed to stop a flame in its tracks our flame arresters are advanced safety devices used on a wide range of applications where tank and vessel protection is critical.

Deflagration-Proof, Endurance Burning and Detonation-Proof

Depended on the application and design brief Elfab have a range of Flame Arrester solutions, all exceeding performance expectations. Manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards our flame arresters offer significant advantages and cost savings resulting from our latest innovative designs.

Dependent on the nature of the flame various types of flame arrester are available. Elfab offer deflagration proof end-of-line and in-line flame arresters, as well as bi-directional in-line detonation-proof flame arresters.

Our end-of-line flame arresters are designed to stop unconfined deflagrations, and protect against fire from external sources. Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Our bi-directional in-line deflagration flame arresters combine two body connectors, one on each side of the flame arrester housing element, and protect against flame transmission when flammable gases are present. The Bi-directional design prevents flame transmission from both sides of the housing.

Elfab’s detonation-proof flame arresters are designed to prevent a flame entering or leaving a pipe or vessel or to stop it travelling further down a pipe. Usually at supersonic velocities, and combined with a shock wave a detonation is typically as a result of flame acceleration. Selecting a suitable flame arrester is critical for maximum protection.

Typically generated by an explosion and then fed by a continuous flow of gas, the latest Endurance Burning version of the flame arre¬ster can prevent the propagation of steady-state flames for advanced safety.

Industry Best Lead times

Elfab leads the industry with its commitment to deliver technically superior products to our global customer base. Due to the unique design and construction of our flame arresters we can continue to offer this same superior service and industry best lead-times to customers in the tank protection market.


– Drastic reduction of pressure drops
– Simple assembly and disassembly
– Low assembly errors
– Simplified cleaning operation
– Smaller design dimensions and lighter weight
– Reduction of spare parts
– Lower cost
– ATEX-approved


In partnership with FNC. 


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Size Range DN25mm to DN600mm (1” to 24”) – different sizes available upon request
Material Range Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel (additional metals and coating)
Operating Temperature Range -60°C to 200°C
Operating Pressure Range 1.1Barg to 1.5Barg (can be extended in some cases up to 5Barg)
Flange Faces R/F & F/F
Flange Ratings ANSI 150LB-PN16
Explosion Units IIA, IIB3 & IIC

(Others available on request)