石墨 (G2D)

石墨 (G2D)

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Graphite Rupture Disc




  • 适用于液体、气体和蒸汽
  • 工作温度可高达600ºC
  • 宽尺寸范围和法兰等级
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Size Range 25mm to 300mm (1” to 12”)
Burst Pressure Range 0.07 barg to 20 barg (1 Psig to 290 Psig)
Temperature Range See our website for further details
Maximum Operating Ratio 85% of minimum burst pressure (76.5% of nominal burst pressure)
Fragmentation on Burst Fragmenting
Relief Valve Isolation No
Vacuum Service Support Not Required Above 1.7 barg (24.6 Psig)
Fluid Compatibility Liquid, Gas or Vapour
KR Values Not Available
Torque Sensitive Yes
Cycle Life Average
Material Range Graphite
Reversal Ratio N/A
Damage Ratio <1 Fail Safe
Leak Tightness Average
Performance Tolerance +/- 10% (zero manufacturing design range)
Protective Linings Available on Both Faces
Disc Surface Finish N/A