Opti-GardTM (OPR/OPK)

Opti-GardTM (OPR/OPK)

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Opti-Gard High Strength Magnet for use with Duplex Holders


Opti-Gard™是由出口侧周边刻痕实现精确爆破控制的先进反拱形爆破片,其高达 95%的操作比和3%允差能够满足各种爆破压力和尺寸范围内的一片解决方案。Opti-Gard™独特的爆破压力设计可实现最高的性能,适用于液体、气体或蒸汽场合。专门提供非探入式检测装置作为标准配置。

  • 超过100,000次循环测试
  • 无碎片设计
  • 哈氏合金为标准材料
  • 2周交货期
  • 支持全真空
  • 降低潜在库存量至65%
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Size Range 25mm to 600mm (1” to 24”)
Burst Pressure Range 0.9 barg to 70 barg (13 Psig to 1015 Psig)
Temperature Range See our website for details
Maximum Operating Ratio 95% of minimum burst pressure (92% of nominal burst pressure)
Fragmentation on Burst None fragmenting design
Relief Valve Isolation Excellent
Vacuum Service Full Vacuum
Fluid Compatibility Liquid, Gas or Vapour
KR Values 5.5 (knuckle>10barg)2.9 (no knuckle=10barg)1.19 (no knuckle, no detection)
Torque Sensitive No
Cycle Life* Tested to over 1 million pressure-vacuum cycles*
Material Range Hastelloy as standard. Others Available
Reversal Ratio N/A with offset tag + system-loc
Damage Ratio
Leak Tightness Excellent
Performance Tolerance +/- 3% (zero manufacturing design range)
Protective Linings Available on vent side
Disc Surface Finish N/A

(* from full vacuum to 95% of the minimum burst pressure)